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Six weeks after its founding in 2003, The Bere Island Troupe presented their first performance of “In the Shadow of the Glen” by John Millington Synge. Since this successful first production Bere Island Troupe has presented new productions each year.

March 2004, saw the first night performance of Synge’s “The Tinker’s Wedding”. The run, following a number of performances on the Island throughout the summer, culminated in members of the Troupe travelling to Newfoundland to perform the play at Cuslett on the Cape Shore, Newfoundland.

The cast of four gave a fine ensemble performance and kept us captivated throughout. … The Tinker's Wedding was a highly professional production…. we were simply amazed by the Bere Island production on St. Patrick's Day.”

The following year 2005, we presented “Translations” by Brian Friel. It proved to be an outstanding success, having enjoyed five performances on Bere Island, and one on Cape Clear. “What better venue for the play “Translations”, by Brian Friel, than the Camp [lecture hall] on Bere Island … if this play is to have another performance, doesn’t miss it!”


On 3rd of March 2006 The Troupe’s production, “Sive” by John B. Keane, opened to an audience of over 100 fourth and fifth-year students from Castletownbere, Kenmare and Bere Island before its run of performances to the general public.

The main character, the step-mother Mena, played by Pauline Hanley, was outstanding! The entire play hinges on her performance. The banter between her and Nanna Glavin, played very well by Carol Murphy, was hilarious. The Matchmaker, played by Eugene Glendon, was very strong as well… ably and amusingly helped by the tinkers. And last, but certainly not least was Sive, skillfully played with gentle vulnerability by Mary Sullivan,as she copes with the two men in her life -- the darkly inappropriate Sean Dota, the man who is chosen to be her husband played convincingly by John O’Rourke and Liam Scaub, her sweetheart played compellingly by Adrian Moriarty.

The Bere Island Troupe did great justice to Keane’s tragi-comedy. ……. it was an ensemble triumph, under the fine direction of Michael McLoughlin, with the help of the Bere Island stage and administration team.

Over these last two years the Troupe has begun to foster links with other theatre groups across the country. Performances on the Island have included Playacting Theatre’s “Tales from Ovid”; the Abbey Theatre’s one man play “The Race of the Ark Tattoo”; New Theatre, Dublin production of “The Tailor and Ansty.”

2007 Performance dates will be posted on this site.

If you are interested in bringing a production to Bere Island we'd be delighted to hear from you. Please contact us at Bere Island Troupe